How do you handle orders that are returned because of a wrong address?

For a return-to-sender (RTS) package, it is dependent on your location where the package will go.

If your Shopify business address is in the U.S.A, Custom T's and More will automatically set the RTS address to your address. This can always be changed in the settings page of your app
If you have an address that is registered outside of the U.S.A, the RTS address will be set to Custom T's and More 's factory address.
If you are outside the U.S.A, Custom T's and More will contact you and provide two options:

Custom T's and More will collect RTS orders and send them to the merchants once per quarter
Merchant provides  Custom T's and More with a new delivery address, and  will Custom T's and More re-ship the package with secondary shipping costs applied. If you do not react to our messages within 30-days, the order will be destroyed. You still will be responsible for paying for RTS orders, and there are no refunds.
The RTS address is the same as the Custom T's and More address.

Tracked packages can be monitored via the tracking status. Domestic packages are tracked, whereas international ones are not.

Any claim needs to be made no later than 30 days after the product’s expected date of arrival.

What if there is an issue with the quality of the product?

If the customer has an issue with the quality of the product, they’ll need to contact you directly. You will subsequently contact Custom T's and More. Since we are effectively producing white label products (meaning you, not Custom T's and More, is the one responsible for selling to and interacting with the customers), the customer will have no direct contact with us.

If there is an issue with the product or print quality, we’ll produce a replacement or refund the money to you. The following are considered product-quality issues:

Incorrect size, color, product type
Incorrect design
Misplaced design (incorrect position on print area, incorrect print area)
Design not properly applied to product
The following are not considered product-quality issues:

Personal taste
Product doesn’t fit
Unhappiness with color or cut
Low design resolution
To confirm any production errors, we’ll need an image of the product, the order ID.

How can I contact the customer service and what data do they need?

You can contact our customer service team via s or use "Live Chat" for fastest response.
For order-related queries, you can contact customer service

Can an order be changed before it’s shipped?

Once you have approved an order, there is still a chance to edit or cancel the order, but only before it is taken into production.

What happens if the product does not arrive to its destination?

If the product does not arrive to the proper destination, a claim may be filed no later than 30-days from the expected arrival date. Once a claim is filed, the following actions will take place:

For untracked packages: Customers will need to confirm the address before we take any action.
For accurate addresses: package will be resent unless the tracking indicates that the product has been delivered. If the package has been delivered, a new package will not be resent. Resent packages will incur a cost to the merchant.
For inaccurate addresses: package will be returned-to-sender (RTS)

Return Policy:

What is Custom T's and More’s return policy?
We will not grant a refund, credit your account, or replace a printed product unless:

the product was misprinted
the product was damaged (excluding damages during delivery)
the product does not match the fulfillment information (e.g., the printed image is incorrect or placed incorrectly, the product is the wrong size, color, or type, etc.).
Custom T's and More has the sole discretion to grant a refund (including the refund method), credit your account, or replace a printed product. In order to request a refund, credit, or replacement, you must send a photograph and brief explanation of the problem to via email at within 30 Custom T's and More customer service with in 30 days of delivery.

For clarification, Custom T's and More will not grant a refund, credit your account, or replace a printed product solely because

It was unsatisfactory for any reason (excluding the matching of the provided fulfillment information)
the shipping provider did not complete delivery/the delivery was late
In such cases, you must place a new order, or the recipient of the individual order must attempt to resolve the delivery dispute with the shipping provider.